Web Hosting


As a client of Culver Web Design, you are welcome to host your site in any manner you prefer, whether you have your own hosting plan or prefer to seek low-cost hosting through us.

Culver Web Design uses only GoDaddy hosting products assuring extraordinary dependability and great customer service. Thanks to our volume of hosting, I am able to pass along the savings to you.

While a limited “economy” plan normally costs about $56.00 for 12 months when purchased on your own, I am able to offer you GoDaddy’s latest 4GH hosting with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for only $50 per year and you won’t need to worry about maintaining your own hosting account.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Hosting Cautions

If you contemplate using your own hosting, there are important considerations when selecting a host.

Not all hosting is the same, and the modern design of your new site requires certain functionality from a host. First, the host must be able to support “Server-Side Include” files. This refers to a style of development where elements that recur throughout the site such as headers, footers, contact forms, etc., need only be maintained in one file. The developer then codes the site in a way that the server assembles the elements to result in the completed page the visitor sees. This happens faster than the eye can detect it, but creates important efficiencies when updating the web site.

The other important consideration is that the host must be able to run PHP scripts. Most modern hosts do run PHP scripts on their servers, but others do not. The script that will run your contact form and any other forms on your site will run on a PHP script. Since it provides good protection from spammers, it is important that this feature be offered by your host.