Email Services


When you host your site with Culver Web Design, you may elect to establish email accounts for yourself and your employees/associates using your own domain name. Most business owners agree this is an important element in establishing the professional presence of their business. Having email addresses with your own domain name enhances your professional appearance on business cards, letterhead and marketing materials.

Your email accounts will allow unlimited storage and may be accessed from anywhere in the world in a manner similar to other web-based email services. You will also be able to configure your new email accounts to be retrieved in Microsoft Outlook and on most modern smart phones.

At only about $1 per month for each account, you will want to establish a personalized email account on your domain for yourself and each of your employees and associates.

Because it is necessary to have access to the registered domain name, email accounts are only available to those hosting their site through Culver Web Design.

Email Configuration

Once your email account is established, you may access it world-wide from a web-based login (http://email.yourdomain.com). Just substitute your actual domain name for yourdomain.com.

You will also be able to configure Microsoft Outlook and most smart phones to send and receive mail. The links below will assist you

When offered a choice between IMAP or POP setups, you may find POP to be faster. IMAP allows your account to synchronized among multiple devices, but may result in much slower send/receive relaying.